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November 27, 2006


Katherine in TX

Thanks for the recipe. I really don't like fruitcake, so when I learned of Stir-up Sunday I was really disappointed. But this recipe sounds delicious. We're going to try it and hope to start a new family tradition. God bless.


Ok, I'm going to give this one a try!
Thanks, Rebecca!


oh my! another one to add to my list! thanks for sharing, rebecca!

Katherine in TX



Rebecca, this sounds so good. And I love your fruit choices - that is exactly what I would chose.

Jennifer in TX

I had some of this yummy cake at Katherine's yesterday and it was delcious!!! I am going to go pick up the ingredients today to make my own...and it is pretty healthy so I can have a lot and tell myself it's for the baby! ;)


My dear, it was absolutely yummy! And thank goodness everyone in our family loves it my clothes have a little "give" *grinz*

Jennifer in TX

So glad you have this recipe posted--the memory of this fruitcake was so deliciously vivid that I mentioned it to Katherine a few weeks ago--she said I should email you for it when it came closer to Advent...:) Printing it off now! God bless you!

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