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November 18, 2006



OK, I did it! Baby toes at Bonny Glen! :) http://melissawiley.typepad.com/bonnyglen/2006/11/prepare_to_swoo.html


Hi Rebecca,
Do you want to add Little Cherub's baby feet from my blog ... I tried to email them to you, but I don't think it worked :(.


Thanks for doing this carnival. I think it's adorable.


I am inspired to now take pictures of all the children's feet!

Alice Gunther

I have said it before, and I'll say it again--this is the cutest idea for a carnival EVER!!!


precious piggie photos and wouldn't it be funny if the other Cheryl's Sweetpea is also named Elizabeth....:)

Karen E.

I LOVE all the baby feet ... I've always taken pictures of the kids' feet -- they are just so kissably cute. :-) And, thanks, Rebecca, for the sweet comments about Ramona making you smile! You are so sweet.

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