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April 10, 2006


Jenn Miller

Oh, wish I had success, but I know what you mean...none are great. It is supposed to be a denser bun. The best ones I've had I buy at the grocery store, I confess!

There are 7 recipes on CatholicCulture.org. Numbers V and VI are from a cookbook that I have always had success, but I haven't tried these particular ones (she also has sourdough and hot cross bread recipes!)

I even have a few more cookbooks with different recipes in them! One book I think would be successful is "Celebration Breads," by Betsy Oppenneer.

Lovely blog!


Thanks for visiting Jenn! I will have to check out the sources you mentioned. I don't think I have ever seen Celebration Breads. The title alone makes me curious, though!

Jenn Miller

Rebecca, It's the BEST baking bread I've seen, because it is so detailed on historical significance, 3 different alternatives in mixing by hand, mixer or food processor, and all steps are detailed. The illustrations are similar to Cook's Illustrated black and white line drawings.


Jenn, I am so looking forward to seeing a copy of this book! I checked it out on Amazon and it looks beautiful. Thanks much for the recommendation. One can never have too many cookbooks! Actually this is not true...I already have too many but my new rule is whenever I purchase one, I must pass one on as well! :)

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