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April 02, 2006



Okay, I read below to find out that this is your "we have a new baby, need a simple menu" version of Easter! I am in awe of you, and am definately going to be visiting again to try to absorb some of this blessed domesticity! I made a lamb dinner for my in-laws last Easter and almost gave myself a nervous breakdown!


hi rebecca, just clicked here from your e-mail. i *love* this blog of yours (the other too, of course). would that more of us foodie homeschooling moms would have blogs like this:) i am drooling over the thought of those kielbasi. haven't even planned our easter brunch yet -- my parents will be here!


Thanks for visiting Ladies! I am so excited for the Easter feast after a long Lenten time. For me, it is almost like seeing the presents under the tree on Christmas when on Easter morning there is the table spread with so much yummy feast food!

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