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April 10, 2006



Rebecca, this sounds delicious! My youngest doesn't tolerate tomatoes very well, but he *loves* pasta so I will have to try this out! :)

Can basil be grown in a container?


Yes, Dawn, it does really well in a container. I have grown it in one for years although just in the last two summers have I planted it in the ground (small raised bed). Just make sure it gets lots of sunlight and is planted in a large pot as it grows pretty bushy!


Rebecca! What a fabulous blog! Oh, my goodness! I have enjoyed every entry. Not only good reading, but great resource as well. On the pesto, I cut down a little on the oil by adding cream cheese to mine and we use it in everything. Melt a little in the pan before scrambling an egg, makes a special breakfast.


Michelle, the egg w/pesto idea sounds delicious! I will have to try it for breakfast tomorrow.
Thank for visiting!


Hi again, Rebecca!

I picked up two kinds of basil seeds today ~ "Sweet" and "Genovese." I was wondering which kind you plant or if you knew which would make a better pesto? Thanks!


Dawn, I plant sweet basil each year. I have also planted cinnamon and greek but exclusively use the sweet for pesto. I am not familiar with Genovese (but I sure like the name).
Let me know how it your garden grows :)!

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