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July 13, 2006


Jenn Miller

I love your garden in the round! Are the rocks store-bought? ;-)

My herbs are mixed in with my vegetable garden, which is the Square Foot Method, so in ground, but raised beds. Except for mint and lavender, which are in the front beds.


Jenn, The rocks are from an old stone sidewalk that was later replaced with cement. The previous home owner saved all the sidewalk stone slabs in the backyard and when we moved in, I broke them all up with a sledgehammer to make stone walls for our flower beds in the front, side and back as well as to line the herb garden.

I like the square foot method, I was envious when I saw your beds on the blog this spring! I might give it a try next year!


The wagon wheel herb garden is perfect for a Gypsy Caravan Family!

My herbs are looking pitiful, it has gotten too hot here. I'll have to try again in the Fall. :(

Cay Gibson

This looks great, Rebecca.
I love the whole ideal of herb gardens. To see someone actually growing one...well, you're my hero. ;)


i'm so envious, rebecca. i don't have an herb garden this year:( -- yours looks so pretty and well thought out!


What a great idea! I am showing this to my husband tonight. ps- Heart of the Kitchen is a wonderful blog! printing recipes now.. :-)


Thanks for the compliments ladies! My mom helped me to design the garden and plant the herbs.

Alice Gunther

Belatedly here to tell you that this is the prettiest garden I have ever seen! I love it!


The gingerbread is wonderful. I've made it twice. Today I made the bread. It did not rise up as pretty as yours but I will try it again. It tastes great.

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